3 Most Popular Movies About Gambling

23 November 2021

Gambling is a hobby that finds its way to the big screen, from time to time. It can be a way to get rich but most of the time, it is a story of a person’s struggle, because gambling is highly addictive. There are many great gambling books and stories, some of which have been adapted for the big screen.

Gambling movies are aplenty and one would be wise to watch some of them, even if they are not interested in gambling. Those who want to try gambling should probably watch some of the following movies, mainly to see what could happen when gambling goes wrong.

California Split

California Split is a movie about gambling and what happens when you are addicted to it. Starring Robert Altman playing the role of Charlie, a person with a huge gambling problem, it is a movie that is filmed marvelously and that has great acting. It also depicts a lot of gambling and two buddies trying to survive in such a hard world. It is a great movie in general, and also happens to be a gambling movie. It is a 70s classic and Robert Altman’s finest classic.

The Gambler

1974 was a year for gambling movies, apparently. Both California Split and The Gambler were released in 1974. James Caan has an amazing portrayal of Axel, a problematic gambler who finds his way ever so deeper into the abyss. Axel finds a way to enjoy losing, his fun lies in the loss in gambling, rather than a win. Axel bets on basketball, but the way the movie is going, it is more like betting on his own life, because he loves unnecessary risks and the rush he gets from betting.

Uncut Gems

Moving forward, we get a movie from 2019, starring Adam Sandler.

Adam Sandler is known for his appearances in comedy movies and he often gets wrongly labeled as a comedy actor. As we can see in this thriller, he can also show us a character who is prone to gambling, or rather, so addicted that he cannot do anything else other than make up a crazy plan to win more money. 

The plans fail, he feels bad, but then the addiction kicks in again and he has another plan, another foolproof way of earning more money that just digs the hole deeper, one that he is already in.

Gambling has many great movies, but these 3 come to mind first. Consider movies like The Cincinnati Kid, Rounders, The Sting, The Color of Money, Hard Eight if you want more variety and great gambling movies. These are but some of the great gambling movies out there. The best part of the experience is the chase, after all.