Card Games You and Your Family Will Enjoy

14 August 2020

Card games can really be a source of endless fun if the whole family is up to them.

Little kids can learn how to count, how to make a difference among symbols and work on their motor skills while holding cards in their tiny hands, while parents can bond with their kids in a way they haven’t experienced before.

Teenagers can learn how to bluff, as well as how to react when losing and winning.

Here are some fun games the whole family can enjoy.

Crazy eights

This game can be played from the age of four and older. The goal of the game is to get rid of all the cards you keep in your hands. Each player gets five cards and is supposed to place one card on the starter pile so everybody can see the card suit and the card denomination. The rule is to put the card that matches the starter card either in suit or denomination. This applies to all the cards except the eights who can be put on the starter pack at any time. Once a player puts an eight, he specifies the suit of the next card or simply orders another eight to be put to the stock.


For this game, you need special card decks that are made exclusively for Uno. Each card brings particular points, and the goal is to score 500 points first. The first player who gets rid of all the cards in his hands scores the points from the cards his opponents still hold in their hands. The cards which are put on the table should match the starter card in number or colour, yet there are some special cards that dictate the course of the game. If you put +2 cards, this means the next player has to draw two cards more. There are also reverse cards that change the direction of turns the players take, as well as skip cards that skip the players during a game.

Old maid

The goal of this game is to form pairs of cards and to pay attention not to stay with the ‘queen’ in the end. When the cards are shared, each player should put the pairs face down on the table. In each turn, the dealer offers his cards faced down to the next player so he can draw the card that can form another pair. The play continues till all the pairs are matched, except for the queen. The one who has got the queen in his hands, in the end, loses the game and he is called ‘the old maid’.

Go Fish

Go Fish is a game where you try to group the books of the card, that is to say, all four suits of one kind: four queens, four kings, four eights, etc. When the cards are passed around, the players ask the opponents to give them all the cards of one kind they need. If the opponents do not possess the right kind, they say ‘Go Fish’, and the player has to draw the card from the stock.