These Are the Basic Rules of Sports Betting
Gambling News / 21 March 2022

Entering a completely new world can be challenging, especially if the said world is full of terms that you are unfamiliar with. When entering the world of sports betting, many people don’t know that they can use the Бонус Код bet365 before placing their bets To avoid such mistakes, or any mistakes when it comes to sports betting, people need to inform themselves about the rule. But worry not – Here is what you should know about sports betting. The Odds The odds tell you what the bookmakers think about a certain match, who the favorite and who the underdog is. That being said, bookmakers have known to be wrong and upsets do happen, but the odds, wrong or right, tell you how much money you could win. There are three types of odds, fractional, decimal and moneyline. Of the three, decimal odds are the easiest to understand, while fractional and moneyline being a bit harder. The odds are often inversely proportional, the more you could win, the harder the bet or the less of a favorite a team or athlete is. Learning all three odds systems allows a punter to bet on various sites and look for better odds….

New Jersey Allows Legal Sports Betting
Gambling News / 11 October 2018

New Jersey settled its long-lasting fight against illegal sports betting by making it legal. On June the 14th of 2018, the governor of New Jersey Philip D. Murray placed the first legal sport wager, thus paving a way for sports betting in the state of New Jersey. Here is a bit of history to make the picture clearer. The 1992 Protection Act – Sports Gambling Banned in Almost All States 1992 was a grim year for punters who loved betting on sports. Judging that sports betting will have a very negative influence on sports in general, but mostly due to large stakes and possible gain of money swinging matches back and forth, a protection act was enacted by the United States Congress. This act is named The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, shortly PASPA. It forbade sports betting in the entire nation, with only a few exceptions. Nevada, Oregon, Delaware and Montana were excluded from the act. New Jersey failed to make the list. This act prompted various reactions in the nation, mostly negative. It was legally challenged many times. New Jersey was the leading state to take up arms against the act. It all culminated in…

Switzerland to Block Foreign Gambling Sites – Censorship or A Necessity
Gambling News / 25 July 2018

Gambling can be fun but it can also become problematic hence the term problem gambling. Turn it up a notch or two and you get a whole lot of people wasting their money without ever wanting to stop, or just continuing, regardless of the desire to stop. Problem gambling exists in any country where gambling is legal and is a serious issue. Governments tackle it in different ways, through hotlines, responsible casino owners or even laws, at time. Switzerland just passed a gambling law which will prevent any foreign companies to operate in Switzerland. This law is to take its effect in 2019. What does this mean for gambling in Switzerland? Will Gambling in Switzerland Change? By How Much? After both parliaments have agreed to pass the legislation things will change in Switzerland when it comes to online gambling. This means that for the first time, Swiss companies will be able to offer their own online gambling platforms and at the same time having no outside competition. The aim of this project, according to the government is to deal with problem gambling. In a country where 8.3 million people live around 75000 people are problem gamblers. The country took notice…

Reopening of Former Trump Taj Mahal Casino
Gambling News / 16 May 2018

Formerly the largest casino in the world with 120,000 square feet of gaming space, the Trump Taj Mahal Casino is expected to reopen on June 28 this year. The eighth wonder of the world has had a run of bad luck over the years but under new management it promises to be even bigger and greater. For people who like to play online slots that’s great news, meaning they will be able to change up their routine a bit and visit one of the most famous casinos. In March 2017, the Trump Taj Mahal Casino passed into the ownership of Hard Rock International. Its chairman, Jim Allen, stated that the new casino would be the new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City and would have two separate arenas with additional 2400 slot machines. Astonishing 325 million dollars had been invested in the refurbishment of the areas which he promised would have their grand opening in the summer of 2018. It is well-known that Hard Rock International is not the second nor the third owner of this establishment; in fact, it is the twelfth owner. It is quite obvious that this place has had its fair share of problems.  …

Switzerland Is Fighting Gambling Addiction
Gambling News / 13 April 2018

The Swiss Confederation, better known as Switzerland, is one of the most developed countries in the world. It belongs to the world’s top countries in terms of government transparency, civil liberties, economic competitiveness, quality of life, and human development. However, Switzerland has recently been facing a serious social problem – gambling. Whether it is online gambling, where people use bonus codes such as this coupon from winner, sports betting or playing poker, there are numerous ways to gamble and the numbers are growing. Namely, according to Addiction Switzerland, there are around 75,000 registered gambling addicts at the moment and the number is steadily growing. Having in mind the total population of Switzerland, this is a big problem since it means that approximately 1% of the population is addicted to gambling.     At first glance, 1% may not seem much, especially compared with countries where gambling is much more widespread, but this is a misconception because not all people who engage in gambling are necessarily addicted. Let’s make it clearer. If a country has 100 cities, 1% would mean that all people who live in one city, no matter if they are children, men or women, are addicted to gambling. In addition,…