Craps Rules – How to Play Craps

21 August 2018

Craps, that very strange game where you se people around the table and one of them throwing dice at a wall, only to be overjoyed if they win and sad if they lose. The crowd next to the shooter keeps cheering on, regardless.

But what are the rules of craps? How many bets can you make? Is there anything more than just the yelling and the money?

There are plenty of bets you can make while playing craps and here are the most popular ones:

The Basic Craps Rules – The Most Played Bets

The first thing you do once you get your pair of dice, is shoot your come-out roll. That is the first roll of any shooter. There are two options for betting at this point, Pass or Don’t Pass. If the dice sum up a 7 or an 11, the Pass bets win and the Don’t Pass lose. If the dice get a 2 and 3 or even 12 in some versions, the Don’t Pass line wins.

If the shooter happens to roll either a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 then those numbers become the shooter’s point number. A puck is placed on the said number and if the shooter rolls the point number, the pass line wins while the other loses. If, however, a 7 is rolled, the don’t pass line wins and the other one loses.

Come Bets:

Come bets are similar to pass line bets, except that they can be made after the shooter makes their point. A 7 or 11 after the shooter makes their point and the come bet wins, while a 2, 3 or 12 make the come bet lose.

Any other number that the shooter rolls becomes your own point number. If the shooter happens to roll your point number before they roll a 7, you win. You are paid even money for this bet.

Don’t Come Bets:

This is sort of opposite to the come bets. You want the shooter to roll a 2 or 3 after they get their point number, thus you get yours. If they roll a 2 or 3 you win, while a 12 gets you a tie. If a 7 is rolled before your point number, you lose, but if it’s rolled after your point number, again, you win.

These are the basic rules and most popular bets. Now go enjoy your craps excitement!