Gambling in Video Games – Games that Contain Gambling

26 March 2019

Video games have been here since the 70s and are here to stay. They feature anything, from fighting games, shooters, strategy games, role-playing games, text-based games to even gambling games. Yes, gambling found its way into video games as people love that rush once they pull the slot machine lever or in this case, press a button. 

But what about the newer games, the ones that are not really related to gambling yet introduce it as a real-world element, or even an entire theme? We are not talking about full-fledged online gambling casinos and bonus codes, like the Energy Casino and the Energy Casino bonus code, but games hidden within games.

Well, there are plenty of such games but here is a list of the most interesting ones.

Fallout: New Vegas

Obisidan’s amazing game that followed Fallout 3 caught everyone off guard and in a very good way. It sets post-apocalyptic wild west theme filled with creatures, guns, cowboys, neo-roman warriors and gambling. Yes, this game is rated 18+ and has lots of gambling in it.

There are multiple casinos throughout the game and you can gamble in all of them. Not all of them, however, offer the same games. You can play blackjack, roulette and slots in the game, to an extent where you can be banned from the casino if you earn too much money.

Well, that does sound like something that could happen in the real world, right?

The Witcher Series

This game was notable as it was grim and dark and at the same time rather fun, especially when you follow the stoic Geralt around, listening to his frequently grumpy attitude. Since the game is notable for not hiding the darker elements of our world, it also introduced gambling, in all 3 of its games.

The first and second game left you with dice poker, a fun way for Geralt to earn money and even gamble with the king. Each of the two players get a set of 5 dice. You roll the dice and choose which of the 5 you want to re-roll. You can only re-roll once. You can raise or call the bet or fold. It is a best of 3 game in the first Witcher and a best of 1 in the second Witcher.

The third game introduces Gwent, a card game where characters from the Witcher world have different base stats and different attack types, or even fortify actions. Some cards can destroy other cards completely while other cards just enhance your deck. The point is to win a best of 3 by having more points at the end of a round. Each player starts with 10 cards and those remain until the end of the 3 rounds. Forfeiting or passing a round is also an option, leaving you with more cards.

Gwent went on to become a standalone game, a fully-fledged online multiplayer game with tournaments and prizes. That came to be due to high fan demand and CD Project RED being a fantastic developer.

There are plenty more games where gambling is real so go out and win some rounds, at least your money will be safe.