How Virtual Reality Casino Games Work

12 May 2019

Virtual reality is the new thing, one that has people up and running around, hitting counters, walls, doors and chairs in an otherwise familiar environment such as your bedroom or kitchen – unlike Betway Kenya. however, virtual reality makes games and other content seem much more real as it immerses you in a world, similarly to how it would be if you happened to be there in person.

This is also relevant for gamblers and casino games as they too can offer content beyond the standard 2D and 3D stuff.

Are casino games different than regular VR stuff?

How Virtual Reality Works – the Ins and Outs

Virtual reality uses a headset or often called, goggles. They are called goggles because some of them have lenses between your eyes and the screen. Once you put it onto your head, you are immersed in a world where two screens show you the desired content.

The content is rendered via a PC, a console like the PlayStation and your smartphone. The PC based headsets are the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift while Sony offers their PlayStation VR and Samsung has their Samsung Gear VR and Google offers their Daydream headset, the last two are meant for smartphones.

The Headset

The VR headsets provide you with two windows into a virtual world, one for each eye. The tethered headsets, the most powerful ones with the best picture, require a PC and usually, a very powerful graphics solution. The scenes are rendered by the CPU and GPU and sent to the headset.

Motion Tracking

Each headset tracks the motion of your head via sensors. The sensors can be LEDs which vary from headset to headset in number and are used to follow your head’s motion in the X, Y, and Z-axis.

Some headsets offer 360-degree view head tracking by the use of external sensors, yet head tracking has its issues. The latency must be very low lest you will notice the said latency and most likely feel sick or nauseated.

Your body is also tracked, at least with the tethered devices. Some use external sensors to monitor your entire body while others just use the sensors on the headset to monitor your hands as they play the most important role in VR games.

Eye Tracking – A Future Not Far Away

Eye-tracking is still not there, yet FOVE’s headset seems to be on the right track with infrared sensors to track your eye movements. This helps set the characters and the in-game camera to the right spot, so they don’t end up looking past you. It also helps with the depth of field as regular VR headsets have everything super sharp and in focus, completely unlike the way our eyes work.

Casino VR Games

Casino VR games work the same way regular games do. They are rendered through a device to your headset and displayed in front of you. Motion trackers follow your head and arms and you get to gamble as if you were there, at the craps table.