Is It Legal to Gamble in Your Home?

8 June 2018

After a long week of hard work, it’s finally time to relax. It’s time to forget the annoying boss and that guy who pretends to be your friend, but the moment you turn your back, he starts spreading rumors about you.

The best way to unwind is to have a POKER PARTY! You call your best buddies, buy beer, order pizza and deal out the cards. You have the night of your life playing cards and joking, simply hanging out with your pals. But you should know that all that fun is WRONG. You’ve broken the law.

So, having fun in your home is illegal? Well no, but gambling at home is.

As a matter of fact, the authorities have decided that only some institutions can be involved in the gambling business and those institutions are casinos and betting offices. All other institutions, places or people must not engage in these activities without direct involvement of casinos or betting offices. If they do, they must suffer legal consequences.

Formally, we are not allowed to make any kinds of bets. For example, we are shooting hoops and I say to you something like “no way that you’ll get the next one”, you cannot say “let’s bet that I’ll do it” because you will break the law, strange as it may sound. You can place a bet in a casino, no matter if you do it online from your home or you go to the place, but you cannot bet even a dollar on some insignificant thing if you don’t have an official license.

If we want to understand why this principle is socially accepted, we should consider the function of the government. Governments are in charge of making and enforcing laws that will protect their people. The law on gambling actually enables people to bet safely without worrying that somebody will take advantage of them. Casinos and betting offices must stick to specific standards if they want to get and keep their license and these standards are there to make things fair. At home, you can make any gambling rules and get yourself an unfair advantage. Probably you will not do this when playing poker with your friends, but it’s a possibility. After all, someone who you think is your friend may invite you over for a game or two and take all your money by cheating.

In conclusion, if you are thinking about organizing gambling at home, you should keep in mind that, unless you have an official license, you are not allowed to do it. However, you can still enjoy placing bets or playing casino games online using authorized websites completely legally.