New Jersey Allows Legal Sports Betting

11 October 2018

New Jersey settled its long-lasting fight against illegal sports betting by making it legal. On June the 14th of 2018, the governor of New Jersey Philip D. Murray placed the first legal sport wager, thus paving a way for sports betting in the state of New Jersey.

Here is a bit of history to make the picture clearer.

The 1992 Protection Act – Sports Gambling Banned in Almost All States

1992 was a grim year for punters who loved betting on sports. Judging that sports betting will have a very negative influence on sports in general, but mostly due to large stakes and possible gain of money swinging matches back and forth, a protection act was enacted by the United States Congress.

This act is named The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, shortly PASPA. It forbade sports betting in the entire nation, with only a few exceptions. Nevada, Oregon, Delaware and Montana were excluded from the act. New Jersey failed to make the list.

This act prompted various reactions in the nation, mostly negative. It was legally challenged many times. New Jersey was the leading state to take up arms against the act.

It all culminated in May of 2018 where it was ruled by the Supreme Court in a case Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association that parts and later on, the whole of PASPA was unconstitutional.

The person who led the charge was the same one who started off legal betting in New Jersey, governor Phillip D. Murray.

Continuing the fight which was started by the previous governor’s blessing, governor Murray managed to break the states free from their anti-sports betting prison.

A New Era of Gambling

Prior to May of 2018, a person could have legally gambled in the United States in only but a few places. Yes, Delaware, Oregon and Montana were excluded from the act but were pressed by the many sports organizations in the USA so sports gambling was almost impossible to practice outside Nevada. If you were a horse racing fan, however, you could’ve bet because it was legal and excluded from the act.

Even though New Jersey houses the Borgata, one of the largest casinos in the United States which has a sports betting arena, prior to May of 2018, betting on anything other than horse racing was prohibited.

Given how the governor proclaimed sports betting legal by placing his own bets on Germany winning the World Cup and the Devils to win the Stanley Cup, things are about to change in New Jersey.

If you are a sports fan and love betting, the next time you are in New Jersey know that you can gamble without having to fear the law.