Slots Rules – How to Play Slot Machine Games

15 September 2018

Slot machines have been around since in between 1887 and 1895 depending on the source, but it is attributed to one man, Charles Fey. His machine was automatic and had a much simpler mechanism and is greatly alike to the modern slot machines. There have been some earlier experiments, but they were different from their modern siblings. Nowadays, with the development of technology we have at our disposal commodities unimaginable back then – various online slot games, VR casinos and even things like SBK app for sports betting which we can use anytime and anywhere, straight from our pocket. However, the old style slot machines have an undeniable charm to them and they have remained ever popular.

The 3-reel slot machine became the standard, but many different types were invented over the years. The slots seem simple to play, yet they still have some rules you should know before you start pulling that lever.

3-reel Slot Machine Rules

The 3-reel slot machine can have different ways of rewarding the player. The winning lines are called paylines. Depending on the type of slot machine and its age, but nowadays, more importantly on the owner’s decision, you can have multiple paylines in various directions.

The most frequent paylines are horizontal and vertical. Each horizontal line can have different symbols and you can get rewards for a combination of two or three consecutive symbols, again depending on the machine. Some machines have diagonal paylines which can make your odds of winning greater.

The machines usually offer a free spin, meaning if the conditions of certain symbols being in a line are met, you get another spin for free.

The number of symbols can vary, but it is most likely greater than 10. There are special symbols which can act like any other symbol, kind of like what a joker does in card games. Those are called wild symbols. Another special sort of symbols are the scatter symbols or scatters, as they are called. These can lead to a payout even if they are just on the screen and you have no other winning lines or lead to bonus rounds and bonus jackpots, again depending on the machine.

Playing the Slots

Playing the slots require you to insert credits or purchase online credit, depending on the nature of the slot machine. Once you have your credits, you can choose how much you bet. The amount of money you can bet depends on the class of slot machine and those vary by a lot, as many countries have different regulations for slot machines.

Betting the largest amount is usually recommended as it is the one which unlocks the jackpot. Likewise, you get to select how many lines you want active. Online slots, or video game slots, allow for activation of a plethora of payline combination, including some very odd shapes.

Getting money depends solely on the random number generator. Once it used to be mechanical but that could be manipulated by the owner and limited the jackpot amount due to the odds being in favor of the customers rather than the house. Once you pull the lever or press the button, everything depends on the RNG factor and is out of your hands. Online slots can trigger bonus games and you get credits if you win, regardless. You can choose to spend those credits on more spins or cash out and take some money home with you.

These are the basic rules of slots, know your slot type and class and know the paylines and bonus options. Other than that, everything is up to lady luck once you pull the lever.