Texas Hold’em Rules – How to Play the Popular Variant

19 February 2019

Texas Hold ’em is a very popular variant of poker. It seems a bit overwhelming at first, but that is what every game seems like when you first get in touch with the rules. To know how to play Texas Hold‘em, you need to learn the slang and terms used in the game.

Once you get to know the slang, there are couple more things to be learned so read on.

The Slang

Specifics of a certain game should be learned if you want to play with the veterans. Here are some Texas Hold ‘em specific terms:

  •         Button – The dealer who deals the current hand, at least their in-game nickname
  •         Blinds – Blind bets which are forced before you even receive the cards. Poker’s ante is very similar to this.
  •         Preflop – This is anything that is dealt before a flop occurs.
  •         Flop – This represents the first 3 shared cards
  •         Check – This is very similar to a call except you bet no money. The big blind can check if the preflop is not raised.
  •         All-in – This is like the regular all-in where the player bets all their remaining chips
  •         Turn – This is the fourth shared card, very often also called the fourth street
  •         River – The fifth shared card, also known as the fifth street
  •         Showdown – A poetic name which represents the players revealing their cards, thus revealing the winner of the pot

The Rules

The first thing is to select a dealer, they get a button, hence the nickname. The button is passed to the person on the left, as are the cards when the dealing commences.

The first person to the left of the dealer makes a small blind, while the next player to the left makes a big blind. Those are your initial bets.

You are dealt your first two cards known as hole cards. A round of betting occurs, you can fold, raise or check.

The flop occurs, a third shared card is put on the table. You can bet again if you are still in the game.

The fourth card is on the table, known as the turn. You can bet once more, check, raise or fold.

The river is on the table, the final card. You can bet once more.

The best hand of 5 cards wins, this is when the showdown occurs. The button is passed to the left.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to play.