This is Why Card Games Are Still Being Played

30 January 2022

Times change but some things stay the same. While we have technology to make things easier and simpler, we also stick to some things that we have known for centuries. Sports are still here, and they too have evolved, but often stick to the basic forms and rules.

Recreational activities and hobbies are always around, despite us being able to use the internet and find entertainment at a click of a button. A good example of a hobby which was popular centuries ago are card games. 

Card games have been played throughout history but are still somehow played today. Let us break the mystery down. Here is why card games are played.


Most people enjoy card games because they are rooted in culture. Well, they might not be rooted in a country’s culture, but cards can be taught at a very early age and most people have played cards as children. Today, card games are still popular and played by millions, some of which play them because they have played them as children. 

They become sort of a local tradition and weekly meetings allow for socializing and entertainment, which leads to the next point.

No-Hassle Socializing

Card games have often been an excuse to socialize. Unlike board games, card games don’t need an elaborate setup to be played. They don’t last for days, but minutes, depending on the game. People would play cards simply to socialize and entertain themselves. 

Spending a night out with friends is much better than spending it alone, doing the same things. Weekly card games allow friends to catch up, despite being able to do so virtually. Some prefer catching up to be done in person, which is the better way to socialize.

Easy to Play

Card games are typically easy to learn. One would not become a master overnight, but they could be included and given the opportunity to play. Just like simple sports that are easy to learn, card games allow players of all levels of skill to play. Then, it is not about winning or making it a tournament, but about socializing and partaking in a group activity.

A Blend of Luck and Skill

Cards are still luck-based to an extent. But, it takes skill to know when and how to play your hand. The expression “play the cards that you are dealt” comes from card games. You might not have the best cards but you can certainly play them in a more optimal way, which is where the skill part comes handy.

Card games are played to this day, for multiple reasons, the ones above being the most common ones. They will most likely still remain a popular hobby and pastime activity.